What are the Best Apples for Juicing?

Did you know that there are more than 7,500 different species of apples being grown around the world? It’s easy to imagine that not all of them are suitable for juicing. You might want to get some guidance so you know which ones to pick when you stand in front of the displays of apples at the supermarket the next time.

Are all Apples Suitable for Juicing?

There are quite a few sorts of apples which are not suited well for juicing. These are typically the ones that have a thick skin. Some sorts are also simply not as juicy as others and as such don’t lend themselves very well to being juiced.

While it at times is good to venture out of the ordinary and try some more exotic species for juicing, it often is the case that the ones you know are the best. This article is about telling you which species that are easily available work best in your juicer. Do not let that stop you from trying some more exotic varieties when you get your hands on them. The worst thing that can happen is that the juice is simply not as tasty as it could be but there certainly are worse things in the world…

Organic or not?

When you get apples from the supermarket that you might want to consider buying organic apples if possible. The reason is that non-organic ones are typically loaded with pesticides which we all know are not really the healthiest ingredient to any of our foods. Most commercial orchards will spray the apples on the trees several times during the growing cycle which results in the pesticides mostly collecting in the skin of the apple. If you go the extra mile to get fresh apple juice, then you might as well add the few yards on top of it to get organic ones.

Juice with or without Skin?

A lot of nutrients of apples are in the skin and you don’t want these to mix up with the pesticides from commercial orchards. When you want to get the highest amount of nutrients from juicing your apples then you definitely want to juice them with the skin. This will cause the juice to be cloudy and darker in color. It actually does taste quite different from the apple juice you can buy in the supermarket.

How to get the freshest apples?

No matter which of the commonly available apple sorts you like best for your juice, if you do juice a lot then you might consider growing your own apples in your backyard if you have the chance. That way you will get the freshest available fruit and you can make sure that there’s no pesticides used during the growing process.

Fresh Apples from the Tree

Alternatively, you could consider picking apples fresh from the orchard if that option is available to you. In that case you might want to make sure to pick only at an orchard that grows organically or uses minimal amounts of pesticides.

Being able to juice fresh apples directly picked from the tree makes a world of difference. You’ll be surprised how much better your juice will taste and how much more juice you can get out of the apples. Nothing beats fresh apple juice made from apples that have been picked just before the juicing.

No matter which kind of apples you use for juicing you should always remove the center of the apple with the seeds. These contain cyanide which is not only poisonous but will also make the juice taste pretty awful.

Good Varieties for Juicing

Let’s have a look at the different varieties that are great for juicing and that you can buy in pretty much any supermarket around.

Gala Apples

The Gala variety originally comes from New Zealand. Over time it has become the second most popular apple sort that is being sold in the US. Unfortunately, they can at times be a little on the floury side when you get them from the supermarket.

However, when you get them fresh they are typically sweet and juicy which makes them a great apple for juicing. So it is a little hit or miss when you buy them in the store.

There’s one way how you can guarantee that the apples are fresh. Simply plant a Gala apple tree in your backyard. You won’t be able to get a fresher apple anywhere and you’ll be surprised just how good the juice is from such fresh fruit.

Red Delicious

The Red Delicious variety is the most sold apple sort in the US. Many home juicers use this apple to make their juice. The flavor of most apples is a little on the tart side. The sugar in the apple balances this naturally. Depending on the variety there’s more or less sugar in the apple itself.

Red Delicious is a rather sweet apple with high natural sugar content. It is in fact one of the sweetest apples available for juicing.

This apple species also has a high amount of nutrients in it. They come in the form of fiber and antioxidants.

You will get the most and best juice from each apple the closer they are to being ripe. Make sure to only use really ripe apples for your juicing.

Yellow Delicious

The Yellow Delicious is not as sweet of an apple as the two varieties that we have covered so far. But don’t be fooled by thinking that this means that there’s less sugar in the apple. It simply comes from the fact that the Yellow Delicious has more acid in it so the sugar cannot compensate the tartness as well.

If you prefer your juice to be on the tart side then the Yellow Delicious is an excellent choice. Otherwise you will need to add a lot of sweetener or simply use a sweeter variety of apples.

Granny Smith

When you’re looking for a juicing apple that is low in sugar then this is the right variety for you. This apple is quite acidic and sometimes even has a bitter taste to it. It is however quite a refreshing taste overall and if you’re not into the sweetest possible apple juice then definitely give the Granny Smith a try.

The Granny Smith can also easily keep up with the Red Delicious when it comes to nutritional value. It is high in potassium and has very high antioxidant levels.

Ashmead’s Kernel

The juice from this apple has a surprising taste to it. It nearly tastes like a pear. The variety has been around for hundreds of years and has originally been used as a dessert apple. More and more people discover it for juicing as it has a distinctively different taste.

You might end up not being a big fan of this variety but you should at least give it a try. It also blends well with mixing it with other vegetable and fruit to change up the flavor of the juice.


The Fuji variety has developed into one of the most sold apple varieties in the US. It’s a very juicy apple that has a superb flavor for juicing. It’s on the sweet side and you definitely want to give it a try.

There are many other varieties that you can use for juicing. Typically, an apple variety that is juicy when you bite into it, will also provide you a good amount of juice when you juice it.

All of the varieties listed should be readily available at your local grocery store. If possible, go for the organic section when looking at apples and leave the skin on during juicing.

Also, please be encouraged to try more exotic varieties for juicing or to mix a few varieties up. A great combination is to mix your apple juice by using Red Delicious and Granny Smith together. It gives you a somewhat more exotic taste of the juice and you might end up being pleasantly surprised by the taste.

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