Breville BJB840 XL Juice and Blend Review

Review of the Breville BJB840 XL Juice and Blend – Juicer and Blender

If you have a space or time crunch and you want a perfect combination of a juicer and blender, then look no further! The Breville BJB840 XL Juice and Blend is perfect for you. Perfect smoothies, fresh juices and intuitive controls with powerful motors make it a best buy for any customer who likes powerful, durable kitchen appliances. The Hemisphere Blade and Bowl Technology makes cleaning easy. In addition to all this the product comes with a 1-year replacement warranty. Interested in buying this product? Then read more.

Breville BJB840 XL Juice And Blend

Breville BJB840 XL Juice And Blend

Breville BJB840 XL Juice and Blend Features

Looking for 100% fresh juice and perfectly blended smoothies? The best choice is the Breville BJB840 XL Juice and Blend. Let us look at its enticing features –

  • Five variable speeds to yield juice from soft to hard fruits and vegetables.
  • There is a safety lock feature that helps to prevent any accidental operations.
  • This juicer and blender come with dial controls.
  • A pulse feature gives you better control and helps to prevent over-blending.

Type Of Juicer

Invest in the Breville BJB840 XL for delicious, fresh juice and smoothies. No pre-cutting is needed for soft or hard fruit for blending or juicing. Its wide surface makes the whole juicing experience smooth and for the user. The 750-watt motor associated with this juicer will also crush ice with ease.

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Pre-Set Programs

The Breville BJB840 XL comes with preset smoothies and ice crusher settings in addition to the five variable speeds. The 5-speed dial helps to crush both soft and hard fruits and veggies with equal ease.
You no longer need to precut your veggies and fruits when using this juicer and blender. All this is possible because of the extra wide opening that adorns this blender. All its buttons and controls are smooth to touch and simple to operate.

Motor and Speed

Other than the 5 variable settings that we have already mentioned, the juicer comes with a 1,200-watt motor and the 750-watt motor of the blender makes ice crushing easy. These features make it one of the most powerful juicer and blender in the market today.

The following are the speed settings in Breville BJB840 XL blender

  1. Mix
  2. Chop
  3. Blend
  4. Liquefy
  5. Puree

In addition to the above settings there are three pre-programmed cycle that make this Breville BJB840 XL blender unique.

The following are the speed settings in Breville BJB840 XL juicer–

  1. 6,500 RPM
  2. 8,100 RPM
  3. 9,700 RPM
  4. 11,300 RPM
  5. 13,000 RPM


One of the biggest concerns of customers purchasing any juicer and blender is the cleaning process that follows. The Breville BJB840 XL juicer and blender is a blessing in this aspect as it is dishwasher safe making the cleaning process simple. The hemisphere blade and bowl technology makes it easier to clean and is dishwasher safe. The heavy and stable glass jar can be cleaned in a dishwasher without getting stained or cloudy. The removable blades assist in easy cleaning.

Accessory Attachments

When it comes to additional accessories, the Breville BJB840 XL juicer and blender comes with a 1.2L juice jug with a fitted froth separator. Included to make the cleaning process simpler is a cleaning brush with a spatula used for cleaning out the pulp. In addition to the brush and spatula the blades of this juicer and blender are removable for easier cleaning.

Don’t forget about the amazing 1-year replacement warranty that comes with the Breville BJB840. Any issues a customer faces, can get a perfectly working, new juicer.

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Pros and Cons of Breville BJB840 XL Juicer and Blender


  • A powerful motor of 1200-watt for juicing and a 750-watt for blending makes it one of the most solid juicer and blender available in the market these days.
  • Easy to clean with the help of cleaning brush and spatula in addition to the presence of removable blades.
  • Saves counter space, as it is useful for both blending and juicing.
  • High quality controls with five variable speed and pre-set settings for smoothies and ice crushing.
  • The 3-inch wide feed chute saves time, as you no longer need to pre-cut fruits and vegetables before putting them into the juicer-blender.
  • It’s a matter of 5-6 seconds and voila! You get nerly 8 ounces of juice.


  • The removable dishwasher parts can be a little difficult to figure out initially but once you get used to them then the whole cleaning process is hassle free.
  • It may seem a little pricey, but you will never regret the investment.

Customer Reviews

“This is a great juicer – very solid with a powerful motor…” say most of the reviews on Amazon about this juicer and blender. The product has received an overall rating of 4.5/5 from 24 loyal customers of this product. Of these 24, 20 have rated the product a 4.5 for its excellent performance and solid construction. Though the cost may give many customers a pause but none of the customers have regretted their investment on it till this date.

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The Breville BJB840 XL Juicer and Blender is a versatile small kitchen appliance that let’s you both juice and blend. It is one of the best selling and highest rated juice extractors and blenders on Amazon. We hope that this review helps you guide your decision process to find the best juice maker and/or blender for you. If you’re not convinced that the Breville BJB840 XL Juicer and Blender is the right juicing machine, then have a look at our other juicer reviews to find the best juicing machine.

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