Review Of The Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush

Juicing is a way of life and a positive option for one and all in this day and age. Breville has years of experience in the market of centrifugal juice extractors making them a viable option. There are quite a few models to select from and it can be challenging to find the right fit. The new slow juice has the ability to further enhance Breville’s position in the open market.

All trends are pointing towards slow juices in this day and age. The BJS600XL is an example of a quality vertical juicer. Thanks to its upright design, now you can find it easier to use and fit it on top of your kitchen counter. It measures 8 ½ inches long, 7 ½ inches wide and 16 inches tall. The product comes with a 1 year warranty you can take advantage of in case of any product defect within that year.

Breville BJS600XL Fountain Masticating Juicer
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Nutrient Retention Is Excellent

The “Fountain Crush” as it is called is powerful. This is a high quality vertical juice with the ability to crush and/or squeeze better than other options on offer. A vertical juice works on ensuring all nutrients are retained to enable the user to maximize the quality of their juice.

Whether you are drinking fine grasses, small fruits, or large fruits, this is the way to go. It is going to properly juice these fruits as needed. Most consumers are moving away from centrifugal juicers to see what else is out there for them to use.

With The Juice Fountain Crush, the emphasis is on maximizing nutrients every step of the way. This is an important investment for those who are tired of not making the most of their juicing ways.


Nothing is more annoying than a juicer which is difficult to use. The BJS600XL is not only easy to use, but is as safe as you need it to be every step of the way.

Safety Features

For the juicer to get going, all of the parts are locked in place as needed before it can run.

  • There is an ‘anti-overload’ system in place to ensure the machine will turn off when overloaded.
  • Everyone has heard of mishaps involving fingers and juicers in the past. This one has a juicing chamber built to make sure this is simply not possible to get hurt while operating the juice extractor.
  • Anything stuck in the juicer can be ‘unstuck’ with the help of the reverse mode.

Breville BJS600XL Masticating Juice Extractor
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Easy To Use

This juicer is quiet and does not take up a lot of space, plus those who put it to the test love how easy it is to use.

The chute is easy to access and does not clog up.

Who wants to spend time cutting their fruits into smaller pieces?

It does not matter what kind of juice is being made, this will get the job done. Put in a bit of water and you are good to go. Cleaning is easy as well, water will rinse it out.

There is a wiper in place as an attachment to ensure nothing sticks inside the strainer while pouring juice out. This is key for juice to come out as needed. The wiper blade is sturdy and made out of silicon, which also lets it get rid of stains along the way. This is also easy to clean.

Minimal Footprint

Most people want to reduce the size of their juicer and how it sits in the kitchen. These vertical options are far smaller and compact. It simply looks aesthetically better and works well too. The horizontal juicer can however do more including making pasta, mincing, and grinding. However, those who are only going to be using it for juice won’t care about the other requirements and therefore should go with the vertical choice.

The jug and pulp bin comes along with the juicer. There is a spout on the left side of the juicer to make it easier for the juice to remain accessible. There is handle on the juicer too for those who want to move it about with relative ease and not get stuck.

Fantastic Juice Production

What matters most in the end? The quality of the juices. In this case, the juice is as good as it gets.

There is no food pusher in place because it is not needed unless absolutely necessary. The juicer is good at doing its job. The overload system can get triggered when the food pusher is being used too often. It is always better to let the machine run.

Breville has produced this model to ensure the juice’s texture is better than anything else on the market. This is one of those vertical juices where the pulp production will be as needed. This is great for those who like their pulp. For those who don’t want pulp, just use the strainer and it will take care of any such issues.

This is also going to be as consistent as you want it to be. There is no separation with the extracted juice, which doesn’t happen with centrifugal juicers. This is to ensure nutrients are in place. Oxidation is also going to happen far slower.

It is recommended to use air tight containers in order to put the juices away for another day. Place them in the fridge to preserve quality. It is always best to drink them straight out of the juicer, but if not 24 hours will ensure it is as cold as you want it to be. A nice thermos flask can preserve the juice as you are on the move too.

Breville BJS600XL Juice Extracting Machine

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The Pros and Cons

+ You can get more juice of your fruits and vegetables compared to a centrifugal juicing machine
+ Best to extract juice from soft fruits like strawberries
+ It comes with a reverse direction option which can help you prevent jamming
+ It is very quiet
+ Less pulp and not just liquid
+ Easy to clean
+ Your juices can last for longer compared to other products

– The use of plastic instead of metal on Breville’s side
– Parts are not dishwasher safe
– Not as aesthetically pleasing compared to other Breville devices


Masticating juicers are in many ways superior to centrifugal juicers. The best to use at home are of the vertical design. The Breville BJS600XL is both and thus makes an excellent juice extracting machine for your kitchen.

This juicer combines solid quality with a good price. There are more than 400 customer reviews on Amazon and nearly 80% give the juicer a 4 or 5 star rating! This is overall one of the best and most versatile juicers available today.

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