Juicing as a Diet Trend

When you search around, and you don’t have to search hard, you’ll find many different stories about losing weight through juicing. You will find many success stories, some of them so great that they are hard to believe.

Juicing as a Diet

Juicing as a Diet

But, is a pure juicing diet sustainable and healthy? Fresh juice contains many vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. It does however lack a lot of other ingredients that are part of a healthy balance. Think of proteins and carbohydrates. And, certainly also of Fiber which is filtered out in juice.

ABC4.com published a story about juicing as a diet and how good or bad it is. There’re impressive results to be seen.

Kim Stephens is a former athlete who takes her health seriously. This year she started juicing after watching a documentary called “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.” in it, Joe Cross documents his weight loss and health improvement following a 60 day juice reboot. Stephens was so inspired she decided to do a 15 day reboot.

“Yeah, I mean it was a slow process, we started juicing, started eating a lot of vegetables which I don’t eat a lot of vegetables and so, it was a change for me,” Stephens said.

Read the whole store on ABC4 in Utah at abc4.com.

It is clear that juicing alone can be a great crash diet. However, in the long run you need to add other foods as a balanced diet plan.

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