Juicing for Constipation

Does Juicing for Constipation really help?

Interestingly, constipation is inferred differently by different people. For many, it refers to infrequent stools or less bowel movements; whereas for some, it refers to hard stools. In case of adults, a normal range of movement of bowel is between 3 and 21 times per week. This post shows how to improve bowel health through juicing for constipation.

The most commonly accepted frequency is one per day. Medically, constipation is defined as less than three movements each week, whereas severe constipation refers to below one each week.

Juicing for Constipation

These days, constipation is referred more in terms of how it influences general health and how it makes one feel. The most common diagnosis criteria include three or less bowel movements each week or one or more of five symptoms persisting since three months or more. These symptoms are straining to empty the bowels, having hard or lumpy stools, removing fecal matter manually, sensation of partial evacuation, and a feeling of obstruction atop the anus.

Overview of Juicing as Cure

Well, as an organic and reliable cure, nothing can beat juicing to reinforce regularity. Juicing is also an easy way to obtain extra nutrients, including the fiber essential for treating constipation. However, it does not have to be only orange juice or prune juice. There are many vegetables, seeds, and fruits whose juices should be considered for healing constipation. Before fiber and laxatives, it is recommended trying juicing for treating this disorder.

The most effective constipation healers to be included in your diet are raw fruits and vegetables, more fibrous stuff, and reducing foods that cause constipation. The first two are better achieved through juicing.

Benefits of Juicing

A big benefit of juicing is that it helps in stimulating the intestinal muscles for increasing the frequency of evacuation. Further, a fiber-rich juice made using seeds, bran, and whole grains also push out or move the contents in the intestine. Having a juice of several raw fruits and vegetables offers relieve as well as averts constipation by offering much water as well as fiber. The insoluble fiber that simply passes via the body delivers a soft texture to stools due to which it becomes easier for them to pass.

As a highly effective natural treatment, juicing provides enough liquid for hydration, enzymes for detoxification and revitalization, and minerals for intestinal contraction. Juices from sprouts and leafy green veggies that are rich in chlorophyll accelerate digestion so that constipation does not occur.

Juices offer water that has lots of magnesium and potassium along with small quantities of natural sugar. The colon emits water to soften the stool, while soaking in the sugars. Magnesium and potassium avert the buildup of the cement-like substance from digested food, which remains for too long in the colon. So, if you have only juices for one or two meals, it prevents the addition of more digested food atop the impacted stool. This surely contributes to the bowel movement.

Ingredients that You Can Add in Constipation Relieving Juices

Consider adding the following ingredients in your recipes:

  • Green leafy vegetables, especially spinach that is essential for improving the health of the whole digestive tract. Consider raw spinach juice mixed with cucumber and carrot juice for cleansing and renewing the intestinal tract. Even kale, celery, and parsley are helpful.
  • Vegetables such as cabbage and beetroot for alleviating constipation, carrots for making the stool softer for absorbing water and pass down, and lemon juice for moving the bowel
  • Apples for relieving constipation, and for neutralizing the stronger veggie juices. Apples are rich in a thickening agent called pectin and a sugar called sorbitol with laxative traits, both of which help in relieving constipation. Sorbitol digests slowly due to which it resides in small intestine and pulls water into the stool from blood for better push out of stools. Pectin is a soluble fiber that boosts the stool volume for an easier pass. Pectin is also present in apricots, pears, and citrus peels.
  • Guava with its seeds in smoothies, which aids in normal evacuation.
  • Magnesium rich foods for keeping intestines hydrated and contracting their muscles, such as apricots, figs, wheatgrass, nuts, alfalfa, apricots, legumes, sunflower seeds, kelp, and sesame seeds.
  • Fibrous stuff found organically in grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables, grains such as seeds, oat/rice/wheat bran, pear, pineapple, whole grains. Consider adding flaxseeds and 4 teaspoonfuls of castor oil for greasing the intestinal walls.
  • Fennel for smooth muscle movement.
  • Oranges, which improves contraction in colon muscles for improved bowel movement.
  • Grapes, which contain insoluble fiber.
  • Papaya and banana being rich in calcium, iron, and magnesium, which are advantageous to the bowl movement. Banana is also rich in serotonin, a neurotransmitter in tomatoes and regulates gut nerve transmissions by reaching into the digestive tract, and not in brain.

Best Juicer for Constipation Juices

For citrus fruits such as oranges rich in pectin, you can easily select a manual citrus juicer. However, for juicing veggies, seeds, hard fruits, and wheatgrass, a masticating or triturating juicer is essential. This is because only such a juicer is designed for dealing with these foods. However, it is not sensible to buy different juicers for different stuff.

Therefore, it is best to buy an all-in-one decent juicer such as masticating ones. The top brands here include Breville, Omega, Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, and Black and Decker. As a suggestion, look for a wheatgrass juicer that is designed especially for wheatgrass and other foods for juicing. Such a juicer is highly versatile to accept any fruit, vegetable, seed, nut, or grain for juicing. It would be a one-time and a bit costly investment but it is worth, as you can prepare all types of juices for treating a variety of other disorders as well.

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For constipation, it is said that blending is more preferable than juicing. Well, if this is what you believe, then you can go for a blender by Vitamix. The brand is known for its both old and new models. However, no matter which one you choose; the blender give maximum output, driest pulp, and much nutritious juice of any fruit or vegetable. Yes, you need to choose the right model. But once chosen, it is easy to use, prepare, and clean.

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