Spring and Summer Juicing Guide

Juicing is healthy. That’s a known fact. It supplies your body with vitamins, nutrients, minerals, enzymes, and natural sugars. What more can you ask for? Well, not much I guess. Medical Daily published a spring juicing guide and it gives you good guidance on juicing and its benefits.

Spring and Summer Guide to Juicing

Spring and Summer Guide to Juicing

While juicing doesn’t give you the fiber coming from the produce, it can actually help your body get more vitamins than eating the fruit by itself. In many cases there are vitamins and minerals that are trapped inside the fiber of the produce. Your body cannot break that down and basically flushes these vitamins and minerals out without using them. Juicing extracts them from the fiber and thus your body can digest and use them!

When you eat a piece of fruit or vegetable whole, some of the vitamins and minerals remain trapped within indigestible fiber that your body simply eliminates. By juicing, you extract most of the nutrients from the fiber, and so your body benefits more than if you simply ate your produce raw. Because absorbing nourishment from juice requires little to no effort from your digestive system, proponents of juicing suggest that your body is able to take a break from the ongoing work of processing food and turn instead to attending to whatever needs repair.

That said, there is great benefit to consuming fiber. Because it is important for digestive function, removing fiber from your diet by replacing whole fruits and vegetables with juice would prove unhealthy. The single greatest benefit of juicing may be that it makes vegetables and fruits easier to consume on a regular basis — most of us can drink more vegetables than we can eat. Added to a regular diet, then, juicing undoubtedly will increase your intake of vegetables and fruits.

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So, juicing is healthy because it extracts minerals and vitamins that might otherwise be trapped in fiber. However, fiber is also healthy as it is important for the digestive system. What to do? Balance it. Juice your produce for getting juice and vitamins and then also regularly eat them whole or blend them into a smoothie or shake. Any kind is delicious and healthy.

What do you prefer? Juicing or blending or simply eating? Leave your comments below to let us know your thoughts!

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