Upgrading To A Twin-Gear Juicer

Why a Twin-Gear Juicer?

Twin-gear juicers produce high quality juice using a slow rotation that helps retain important nutrients, vitamins and enzymes. They are also called “triturating” juicers because they pulverize or grind fruits and vegetables. While a masticating juicer is similar because it is useful for reducing foam and retaining nutrients, it has a single gear that grinds the food while the triturating machine uses two gears. Both machines operate at a low speed and extract a maximum amount of juice from the food compared with centrifugal or citrus juicers.

Green Star GS 1000 Twin Gear Juicer

Green Star GS 1000 Twin Gear Juicer

The twin-gear machine is designed mainly for juicing while single gear appliances can be used for a wider range of fruits, vegetables and other foods. Some of the high quality nutritious juices that can be made with twin-gear juicers include those made from wheatgrass, leafy greens and soft fruits. Harder vegetables like carrots or harder fruits like apples may not work as well with this type of machine than other juicers.

The design of the two gears uses magnetic and bioceramic materials, which produce a more stable juice compared to other juicers. What’s interesting about this technology is that it has the capability of filtering out the type of chemical pesticides that concern consumers who prefer organic foods. Its powerful magnets are separated gears with space of .1mm in between, eliminating the chance that tiny scraps of metal can get mixed in with the juice.

The dual gears help extract phytochemical from fruit, which accounts for the more concentrated flavor and retention of nutrients. Since the gears turn at a slower speed than centrifugal or citrus juicers, the cellular structure of the food is not damaged, preserving the nutrients.

The best twin-gear juicers are quiet due to their low speed operation. The motor rotates between 80 and 160 RPM. Twin-gear juicers do not produce much foam because of minimal oxidation, which is a result of the slower motor. High motor speeds the spin at 3000 RPM mix in more oxygen with the liquid, creating more bubbles, which leads to a lower concentration of nutrients and minerals.

Twin-Gear vs. Single-Gear

A big advantage to the twin-gear machine is that it produces slightly more juice than its single-gear counterpart. The feeding chute on a twin-gear juicer is a little smaller than other juicers, so it will take more time to make the juice. If you really want to make apple juice quickly, you will need a juicer with a chute bigger than the size of an apple that runs at a high speed, which can be handled by centrifugal machines. Due to the twin-gear machine having more weight, it is not as easy to transport, although some light weight models do exist.

The Green Star GS-1000 Juice Extractor, made in Korea, is one of the best twin-gear juicers on the market because it does the work of multiple machines. It’s a basic juicer that comes with an attachment for making both pasta and rice cake. It also has a switch with three modes, depending on the type of product you want to create. It also includes a handle, making it easy to transport. The motor speed is 110 RPM. It’s useful for a wide range of foods including making almond pie crust, frozen deserts and baby food. Its long gears allow it squeeze more juice from foods than other juicers.

In the realm of cost efficiency, some experts consider the best twin-gear juicer to be the Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer Wheatgrass, Vegetable & Fruit Juicer – Black, which is also one of the best twin-gear juicers for making juice with limited pulp. Instead of crushing grape seeds that mix in with the juice, it separates the seeds from grapes. It also works well in grinding up peppers and sesame seeds. This device also uses separate gears for wheatgrass. It only weighs 14 pounds, which is much lighter than most twin-gear juicers.

Super Angel 5500 Twin-Gear Juicer

Super Angel 5500 Twin-Gear Juicer

The Best Twin-Gear Juicer

Some of the best twin-gear juicers made purely of stainless steel are the Super Angel series, models 5500 and 7500, designed for the most serious users who love juicing lots of leafy greens. The stainless steel retains a constant shine and helps prevent bacteria from spreading. These juicers turn 82-86 RPM, grinding up materials in the first stage then discarding the pulp in the second stage. Using a cold-pressing method, the manufacturer claims these juicers yield 30% more juice than the cheaper centrifugal juicers. They can also reduce nearly all pesticides from fruits and vegetables. The main difference between the two models is that the Super Angel 5500 includes a manual button and the 7500 has an automatic reverse mode.

If you want a machine with bigger than normal gears, one of the best twin-gear juicers is the Twin Health Juicer. A major difference with this machine, though, is that the gears are not magnetic. This technology relies on electronic buttons, which gives it certain advantages not found in other twin-gear juicers. First, it’s easier to clean. Second, it has three different changeable screens that can be used for different foods. Screens with large holes can be used for soft foods. Screens with medium holes can be used for various fruits and vegetables while screens with small holes can be used to make finer juices. These screens are tools that give you more control over your juicing. The motor turns at 80 RPM, which eliminates oxidation.

Deciding on the best twin-gear juicer depends on your own tastes and budget. The great thing about twin-gear juicers is most of them are worthwhile investments in helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle. You can also read through our own in-depth reviews of the best twin-gear juicers along with other kinds of juicers. Check out the details and learn about the good and bad of each one of them. You can find the evaluations of masticating and other juice extractors in our juicer reviews section.

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