Which Vitamix to Buy: Choosing the Most Suitable Vitamix Blender

Which Vitamix to Buy

Vitamix seems to be the Superhero of all blenders, as it powerful and yet adaptable motor can blend, grind, juice, and chop almost anything. Thick dips, fruit smoothies, creamy soups, dough, cake batter, nut flours and butters, raw juices made whole fruits and veggies, and drinks – you can prepare anything with a Vitamix blender. The list is too long to state here. It is this versatility along with a variety of models on offer due to which many people ask: Which Vitamix to buy.

Because there are many Vitamix blenders to choose, it is obvious for anyone to get confused to choose the right one. It can be overwhelming once you start going through technical details for making an informed selection. Well, to overcome this feeling, it is best to have an idea of all different models so that it becomes easier to decide. This guide dedicated to which Vitamix to buy is helpful if you are finding the best blender, wishing to select the right Vitamix blender, or are looking for assurance that the gifted or brought Vitamix blender is a good one or not.

The Available Vitamix Blenders As Per Models

Well, there are two major categories of Vitamix: Older as time tested models and Newer as a bit more powerful and less noisy models. The older models are termed as classic models, are more affordable, and come with narrower 64oz container for better processing of smaller mixes. On the other hand, the newer models are Next Generation models with simple controls, quieter operation, and capability to handle challenging and thicker mixes. They also fit on standard cabinets.

Older Models

The blenders in this category are split into standard, two speed, and standard programs.

  • Two Speed: No variable speed dial, only a low and high speed, and models include the CIA Creations and TurboBlend
  • Standard: With variable speed dial, high speed switch, and includes 5200, Creations GC, Creations II, CIA Professional Series, TurboBlend VS, Total Nutrition Center, and Professional Series 200
  • Standard Programs: Similar to the Standard sub-category but has three pre-programmed settings for frozen desserts, hot soups, and smoothies; Includes Professional Series 500 and 6300

Newer Models

This category includes the Next Generation Programs and Next Generation models. They are quieter but still are noisy.

  • Next Generation: Newer standard models with variable speed dial (maximum speed being 10) but with a pulse switch instead of a high speed switch; Includes Creations Elite, Professional Series 300, and 7500
  • Next Generation Programs: Models with five presets instead of three namely, soup, wash cycle, frozen dessert, smoothie, and puree; Includes Professional Series 750
  • Standard and Next Generation: Ideal for those who do not need preset cycles and are on strict budget
  • Newer Models: Idea for those who prefer ease of use with advanced controls, wider and shorter container but not fixing to smaller mixes, and love thicker and large mixes.

The Available Vitamix Blenders as Per Series

Choosing one of the available series is certainly not so easy to decide, as each model comes with different features apart from the standard or basic ones. However, the good news is that hardly anyone has regretted after buying a Vitamix model. Here are the three series to consider:

S-Series: For Those Who Love Personal Blenders for Making Single and Double Servings of Different Smoothies, Soups, Salsas, Smoothies, Dips, Sauces, and Ice Creams

Available Models: S55, S50, S30

This is the series offering feasible options for making green and fruit smoothies for personal servings, with or without presets.

  • Vitamix S55: Is ideal for preparing personal sized sauces, salsas, smoothies, dips, soups, and ice creams. The container fills a glass on a 20 oz travel cup. The blender has 20-ounce container for drinks and smoothies and 40-ounce container for desserts and soups. It comes with four preset programs for ensuring convenience without guesswork, steam releasing capability, and variable speed control for having more liquid or thicker texture.
  • Vitamix S50: Is more affordable than S55 and features two preset programs. The blender also has portable-sized 20- and 40-ounce containers for making sauces, soups, ice creams, and smoothies with good texture quality. It is easy and quick to clean it in dishwasher. This model also has a safety interlocking system to shut off the unit if the container moves from the base.
  • Vitamix S30: Is the most basic one and the finest choice for an economical buy. The blender has standard functions and parts for ensuring portability, convenience, and efficiency. It comes with two containers, speed control, 2-part vented lid, steam release capability, and pulse feature for controlling the mixture’s consistency for making thick soups or salsas.

Vitamix S-Series on Amazon

Have a look at the S-Series blenders!

C-Series: Professional Functionality with Classic Body Style for Perfect Juices, Salads, Nut Butters, and Hot Soups for Big Groups

This series has models ideal for hot soups and juicing. These are the blenders with classic body but have more powerful motors, improved utilities, and advanced features for preparing a variety of recipes.

  • Creations II: Has a powerful base, 10-speed control for desired texture, and 48-ounce container for crating thick recipes and juices with great perfection. For a large family, medium to large amounts of dishes are possible with this blender. The included metal drive system contributes to a prolonged lifespan.
  • Turbo Blend Two-Speed: Is least expensive one in the series and best for processing a few vegetables or fruits apart from chopping garlic and onions and making nut butters. You can chop, pulverize, and blend any kind of food or beverage. You get 64-ounce container for making big batches along with high and low controls only. Washing and cleaning is also easy and quick with the self-cleaning feature.
  • 5200 Standard: Is much preferred model for those are seeking for a perfect mix of affordability, efficiency, and performance for a variety of dishes. The blender features 64-ounce container, variable speed control, and ability to pulverize even the smallest seeds. It is ideal for preparing hot soups featuring the optimal consistency due to faster working blades. Well, this model is costly.

Vitamix C-Series on Amazon

Have a look at the C-Series blenders!

Below are some models famous for their advanced features:

  • Professional Series 200 with variable speed control, compact design, 48-ounce low profile container for medium batches, and a tailored mini-tamper for mixing dense nut butters and thick frozen stuff (fitting below upper cabinets)
  • Professional Series 500 with pulse control and three presets along with variable speed control
  • 5300 with robust and less noisy motor, variable speed control, shorter design, 64-ounce container, and pulse switch (fitting in upper cabinets)
  • Turbo Blend VS with a filtration natural hemp bag for juicing beans and sprouting seeds, making non-dairy milks
  • CIA Professional Series with variable speed control, logo of Culinary Institute of America, classic or compact container
  • CIA Creations
  • Creations GC and Creations Turbo
  • 6300 with three presets, robustness, variable speed control, and costliest price tag
  • 6500 with three presets

The common aspects of all these blenders are powerful motor, pulverizing ability for seeds and grains, and tall, narrow-bottomed jar.

G Series: Next Generation Blenders with More Robust Motors but Quieter Operations

This series features an advanced design as compared to the standard models. Models in these series are Professional Series 750, Professional Series 300, 780, 7500, and Creations Elite. As the name suggests, the next generation models come with more advanced features unavailable in the above two series. For example, Vitamix 750 and 7500 feature 64 oz. low profile jar, pulse control, variable speed control, and 4” blades for faster processing. However, Vitamix 750 has five presets for consistent outcome for purees, soups, frozen desserts, and smoothies.

Consider one of these models if you are looking quieter Vitamix blenders. While the models are less noisy, the power is still superb with 2.2 HP motor and 64 ounces jar, both contributing to blending of any whole food instantly and smoothly. You can also expect the pulse feature for getting the intended texture after blending.

The 10-variable speed control can make a puree or form thick or smooth outcome, as per your preference. These blenders blend the coarsely-chopped ingredients like onions, veggies, garlic, and tomatoes just as you wish. This means you can easily expect salsas, thick soups, or dips to be made quickly.

Vitamix G-Series on Amazon

Have a look at the G-Series blenders!

Common Aspects in Models of All Series

  • High performance motor for reliability
  • Ability to contribute to a variety of recipes for drinks, snacks, meals, and desserts
  • A cook book and DVD (not for S Series)
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to maintain parts
  • Guaranteed precise textures in fine, smooth, and coarse stuff
  • Toughened and robust stainless steel blades
  • Classic tamper for smooth pushing of food
  • Have precision controls for easy access to functions
  • Warranty (5 years for S Series and 7 years for C and G Series)


Now that you know about the different Vitamix blenders, you can choose your own category. However, while choosing both the category and blender, consider your requirements and budget. And yes, do go through some reviews so that you know that you are investing in what you want.

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